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North vs. South Game
2010-ish North/South Challenge Cup

Central Florida Highland Games
Winter Park, FL
January 15, 2011

For the first time, the state of Florida will host the North/South Challenge! Thanks to our gracious hosts in Winter Park, FL at the Central FL Highland Games

Teams are made up of 5 athletes each consisting of the best throwers from North of the Mason-Dixon against 5 of the best from South of the Mason-Dixon line. The North/south Challenge Cup is sanctioned by the SSAAA (Southeast Scottish Amateur Athletics Association) see bottom of page for more information.

The South team won this event in Gulfport, MS in November of 2009.  Will the South team be able to recapture the cup?  Or will the North team become this year's champs? This year's teams are (click headings for bios):

North Team: South Team:
Jeremy Gillingham - IN
Shane Sutherland - SC
Jason Thomas - OH
Wes Kiser - NC
Beau Fay - DC
Matt Vincent - LA
Jon O'Neil - CA
Spencer Tyler - TX
Dan Williams - WY
Fraser Ewan - FL


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