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History of the
East/West Challenge


In January 2009, the Central Florida Highland Games hosted the 1st East/West Challenge. Expanding on the popularity of the SSAAA's other signature games, the East vs. West Challenge was created in order to introduce another team game to the SSAAA. Unlike the North vs. South which typically pulls throwers from states that existed during the Cival War, the East vs. West allows the game to draw throwers from the entire USA.

The game format is as follows:
1. The association choses a thrower to be team captain for the West Team, and another to be captain of the East Team.

2. Each captain selects enough throwers from his part of the country to fill the team roster. Typically 5 to 6 throwers per team are chosen. The map above is used at the guideline for team selection.

3. All team members must be amateur throwers.

4. The teams compete at the chosen venue. Points are added up to determine not only the winning team, but also individual placement.

Competitions Won
East Team - 1
West Team - 0

Team Rosters by Year

East vs. West I
January 2009

Winter Springs, FL

East Team
West Team
Sam Grammer
Mike Susmark
Jason Richards
Drew Kirchen
Michael Dickens
Chad Gustin
Jeff Crouch
Justin Kincheloe
Jeremy Gillingham
Rusty Price

East vs. West II
January 2012

Winter Springs, FL

West Team
East Team
Kate Burton (captain)
Adriane Wilson (captain)
Emily Burchett
Lisa Gourlay
Beth Burton
Lacy Johnson
Kristy Scott
Kelly Niklason
Heather MacDonald
Ayanna Jones


Upcoming Games

 Where will the next E/W game be held? Who will be invited? Stay tuned each year to find out!!

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