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Currently sanctioned games:
Central Florida Highland Games
Blairsville Scottish Games
Big Bend Highland Games and Scottish Festival


SSAAA sanctioning is negotiated individually with each Games depending on the Games size and needs. The absolute minimum requirements for SSAAA sanctioning are as follows:

  • The judges and officials must be approved by SSAAA
  • A throwing area of no less than 150' x 150'
  • A continuous rope or tape barricade surrounding the throwing area
  • One large tent or two 10x10 tents erected side by side.
  • Two tables and twenty chairs
  • Continuous supply of water and ice throughout the day
  • One port-a-john near the throwing field for Athletic Use.
  • Lodging/Fees for Judges/Officials
  • Free admittance for pre-registered athletes.
  • Medals/Awards for Athletic winners

The fee for SSAAA sanctioning is based upon the number of officials needed and the type of competition desired by the host Game. Fees are negotiated on an individual basis with each host organization seeking SSAAA sanctioning. Games that are seeking an elite field of athletes or a Championship event often provide extra incentives such as complementary hotel rooms to attract athletes from outside the local area.

Our goal is to offer the highest quality Scottish athletics competition in a safe and friendly environment. SSAAA promotes athletics as an integral part of every Scottish Highland Games and strives to ensure that each supports the other.

What SSAAA Sanctioning provides for its Host Highland Games:

As the largest Scottish athletics organization east of the Rockies, Southeast Scottish Amateur Athletics Associatio. (SSAAA) offers special and unique benefits that are unavailable from any other athletic organization. SSAAA sanctioning of a Highland Games Athletic event offers the following:

1) SSAAA provides ALL the athletic equipment and implements needed to offer all seven of the traditional Scottish Heavy Events. Our athletic teams assemble and take down all necessary athletic structures.

2) SSAAA has a large team of trained and qualified officials, including judges, scorekeepers, athletic directors and trainers. We offer clinics twice yearly in addition to providing local clinics for Host Games that would like to offer such. SSAAA also has its own Athletics Announcer, former TV host, Bob Malcolmson who is available for play-by-play on Scottish athletics.

3) SSAAA is a very media-friendly organization. Our officials and athletes are encouraged to make themselves available to the press as ambassadors of Scottish Heavy Athletics and the Host Game. We are also able, with advance notice, to offer a Friday pre-Game demonstration for the host festival. SSAAA can provide a customized Athletics Press Releases for the host festival to distribute to its local media prior to the event.

4) SSAAA maintains scores and records from every sanctioned Game and these are submitted to the ranking organizations at the regional and national level. This ensures that the Host Games' Athlete of the Day may have the opportunity to represent them at a Championship Meet. We also submit any records (field, national or world) to the appropriate officials and certify all weights and distances.

5) SSAAA representatives travel to over 30 Highland Games annually, promoting and publicizing the Host Games that use SSAAA sanctioning. We take Games brochures for each Game we sanction to every other Game that we sanction or support.

6) SSAAA sanctioned Games are listed on our SSAAA web site and are highlighted in our newsletter, The Highland Games Herald, two-time first-place winner of The Family Tree's newsletter contest.

7) SSAAA sanctioned Games establish a reputation for being well organized and attract a loyal and elite field of competitors. Athletes from across the country travel to SSAAA Games due to our high standards of competition.


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