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SSAAA Special Events

SSAAA offers unique options for Host organizations that are interested in highlighting Scottish Heavy Athletics at their Game.

Our Signature Competitions

North vs. South Challenge

Southeast Scottish Amateur Athletics Association. created the NORTH-SOUTH CHALLENGE CUP in 1996. Five of the strongest athletes north of the Mason Dixon line were invited to form a team and take on the five best from the South. This team event with its shades of the War Between the States has quickly become one of the most talked-about athletic events in the country with athletes vying to make the teams each year. THE NORTH-SOUTH CHALLENGE CUP travels to a different host Game each year. Interested host organization should contact the SSAAA President about application to host the NORTH-SOUTH CHALLENGE CUP.

USA vs. Scotland Challenge

In January of 2000, SSAAA offered the first ever USA vs. SCOTLAND TEAM CHALLENGE at the Central Florida Highland Games in Orlando, Florida. Icelandair sponsored a team of athletes from Scotland and flew them to face off in Scottish Heavy Athletics competition with some of America's best amateur athletes. The event was a fun-filled, resounding success with the event being covered by several magazines and newspapers. We can offer this event to a host organization whose sponsorship level may be willing to underwrite the team trave needs.

East vs. West Challenge

In January of 2009, SSAAA offered the first ever EAST vs. WEST TEAM CHALLENGE at the Central Florida Highland Games in Orlando, Florida.
Five of the strongest athletes west of the Mississippi River were invited to form a team and take on the five best from east of the river. The formation of this game was meant to build on the popularity of the North vs. South game.

SSAAA Championship

SSAAA currently holds its SSAAA Championship in Georgia after a long run of hosting the game in Florida and South Carolina. Often times, the SSAAA Champion is chosen to be the captain of the South Team.

Regional Championships

We would like to find homes for all our divisions to have their championships. Some Festivals may want to host an event Championship such as "The Southeast Caber Challenge" or "National Sheaf Championship" to draw the best athletes in those events to their Game. Other games may choose to hold state championships such as the "Florida Heavy Games Championship". These types of events are great ways to draw attention any Scottish Highland Game.

Levels of Competition

SSAAA offers several divisions of competition among its athletes with in the region. The competitions are often divided as follows:

"A" Division - includes the strongest and most experienced athletes

"B" Division - the next tier of athletes who are gaining strength/experience

"C" Division - Novice or light-weight amateur athletes

Masters Division - experienced athletes who are over 45 years of age. Some games will hold Masters division starting at age 40.

Women's Division - women attempting the same events with lighter weights

Super "A" - small group of "A" athletes who are approaching the level of a professional competitor. Doesn't usually compete as a division.


Several Games want to build their local base of athletes to boost support of their festival. SSAAA can offer a Training Seminar or Clinic prior to a Highland Game which gives local athletes the opportunity to learn the Scottish Heavy Events safely and correctly. SSAAA also offer's clinics for the more experienced athletes where they can hone their techniques and learn from each other.

Additional Athletic Events

Some festivals want to offer Tug-of-War, Rugby and/or Highland Wrestling in their schedule of athletic events. While SSAAA uses most of its resources to promote the traditional seven Scottish Heavy events, we are able to provide advice, contacts and rules for these events.


SSAAA offers periodic clinics for the training of Scottish Highland Games Officials. Highland Games athletic officials include judges, scorekeepers and athletic directors. There are many roles on the athletics field and all of them require diligence and training. Anyone with an interest in Scottish Heavy Athletics is welcome to attend these training clinics and learn from the best.


With our broad base of member athletes throughout the Southeast, we are often able to provide demonstrations of the Scottish Heavy Events at schools and festivals. We are also able, with advance notice, to provide pre-game Friday demonstrations for the media at SSAAA sanctioned Games. We bring extra kilts for the adventurous sports reporter who would like to try his hand at some of the Scottish events. We make every effort to get our host game into the papers and onto the television before the event when it can most improve attendance.


Upcoming Games

  History of the North/South

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